Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the departments

Administration And Supplies Department

In charge of Administrative and Personnel related matters.

Finance And Account Department

  • The finance and accounts department charge of the Agency’s finance such as monthly salaries and other account charges;
  • Also keeps record of revenue account of the Agency and remits to Government account.

Planning Research and Statistics Department

  • The department is in charge of Statistics;
  • Serves as database for all the activities of the Agency.

Geodetic and Special Survey Department

  • Responsible for carrying out survey of all proposed and already acquired lands;
  • Responsible for sub-division into plots all the acquired land for housing programmes by the State Government and individuals;
  • The department also supervises survey of all Local Government and Quasi-government acquisitions within the State. Monitors and keeps all private survey plans in the State

Mapping, Geo-information and Boundaries Department

  • Responsible for State mapping; creation /management of geo-spatial information for the use of the citizenry; production of map and updating of existing maps. Statutorily responsible for intra and inter State boundary dispute resolution;
  • It is a major contributor in the preparation of Ibadan City Master Plan and Drainage Master Plan.